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Colored Knit Shade

25% rose knit HDPE support plants in every stage of growth.

Our 100% monofilament exclusive blend of red and blue is the ideal shade cloth to support plant growth from germination to time of harvest. 25% shade allows needed light through with even distribution across the plants below.  Red and blue are combined to supplement natural, HPS or LED lighting. Multiple research studies highlight the benefit of the combination of red and blue in growing crops of all types.  

Drape over poly film


Outdoor plots: cut to size and hang on posts

Hang inside greenhouse or lay over the top

Start germination of photoblastic seeds

Maximize light during times of high light needs


Overall support of:

  • Germination of photoblastic seeds

  • Maximization of plant inherent nutrition and flavor

  • Plant coloring to attract pollinators and consumers

  • Timing of flowering stage

  • Numbers and size of flowers

  • 25% Shade

  • 12’ Width

  • 300’ Length

  • 5 year UV degradation warranty

  • Additional widths available, call to inquire

  • Custom orders of various shade percentage and/or colors are available

Fabrics Available

25% Rose Shade

Style: 16725-RD

“Acadian is a key supplier into my nursery customer base. Their knitted shade is a quality product and an excellent value. I have customers across the country that rely on it for its high quality and consistent long life. Acadian is great to work with. They are responsive, and always willing to help work through the challenges of closing business in this very competitive market."

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Nationwide Horticultural/Agricultural Supplier

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