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Truck Cover

Truck Cover in Polypropylene, HDPE, PVC and PES.

Acadian carries a wide variety of truck cover fabrics to solve all your hauling needs. Product options include woven polypropylene, vinyl coated polyester, and knitted HDPE. Our 3×4 woven polypropylene (PP) truck cover has been a standard for hauling asphalt, solid waste, and produce for over a decade. Acadian style, 10434, “Gorilla Mesh,” is known across the industry for its strength and reliability.  It's used with many types loads in many environments.​

For wintery environments, Calendered fabric is another favorite for its smooth feel and high gloss, allowing snow and ice to slide off.   Our “Gorilla Mesh” can be calendered for a smooth finish, creating "Trampoline Fabric", Acadian style 10434-TR. For a lighter fabric construction with the same soft feel and easy use with a truck roller mechanism, we have a calendered truck cover, Acadian style 10446-TC.

​Other fabric choices include our vinyl coated polyester. Acadian offers both solid and mesh options, including the popular multi-colored "Multimesh”. All are easily welded for customization, and the solid is perfect when waterproof is needed.



Truck tarp for produce

Truck tarp for hot asphalt

Roof tarp

  • High puncture and tear resistance reduces need for repairs and truck downtime​

  • Rip-stop design improves overall life​

  • Smooth finished fabrics ideal for rolling tarps in snow/ice environments

  • Same-day or next-day shipments

for 10434 – “Gorilla Mesh”
  • 8’, 10’, 12’ widths​

  • 100 and 120 linear yard put-up​

  • Black color​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

for 10434-TR - "Trampoline"
  • 155” and 165” widths​

  • 485 linear yard put-up (can be rerolled to 100 LY)​

  • Black color​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

for 91816 and 91817 - Solid PVC
  • 120” widths​

  • 18 oz. or 22 oz.

  • Black or blue color​s

  • Other widths, weight and colors available on request

Picture of dump truck with cover
for 10483-TB - Tan/Black Truck Cover
  • 16' wide

  • 500 LY put-up

  • Tan & black color​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

for 10446-TC - Calendered Truck Cover
  • 8' and 12' wide, 100 LY put-up

  • Calendered for a smooth finish

  • Black color​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

for 19551 Multi-Mesh 11oz
  • 6' and 8’ widths​ available

  • 100 LY put-up​

  • 10 oz. and 12 oz. mesh available

  • Black or multi-color​ed

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

  • FR available upon request

Fabrics Available

Gorilla Mesh

Style: 10434

10446-TC Black Woven Polypropylene Calender
10446-TC Black Woven Polypropylene Calendered Truck Cover Fabric-10X

Calendered TC

Style: 10446-TC

10434-TR Trampoline
10434-TR Black Woven Polypropylene Trampoline Fabric-10X


Style: 10434-TR

Tan / Black

Style: 10283-TB

“We have been working with Acadian since they first opened in 2002. Over the years, we have purchased shade cloth, tarp fabric, privacy fabric, and more. Through office and warehouse moves, ownership changes, and all of the challenges with each, Acadian has always been, and continues to be a great supplier.” 


Southern Truck Cover and Custom Tarp Manufacturer

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