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Silver Grey Shade

Aluminum knit alternative

Bringing together the benefits of the silver color of aluminum thread with the strength and longevity of woven virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this Acadian exclusive product has been in use for years in Europe and Asia, as an improvement on the aluminum knit.  This silver grey was designed to reduce temperature, while providing shade and ease of installation.

Shade structure

Row Cover


Greenhouse/Tunnel cover

Light Blocking as Needed

Heat Reduction

  • Proven effective on farms

  • Silver color reflects part of light spectrum to reduce temperature under the fabric

  • UV protected to provide years of use

  • Dimensionally stable with just enough stretch to make panels, as desired

  • Silver color gentler to human eyes and bees than aluminum

  • No aluminum flakes as product ages

  • Same-day or next-day shipments with lower inventory requirements

  • Leno weave for lighter weights (52 gsm and 64 gsm) to add durability and stability to the yarns 

  • Reinforced in center and edges for durability at installation points 

  • Accurate shade values: Stated shade and construction match. Shade factors: 44%, 54%, 64%, 78%, 86% 

  • Widths: 118”, 157” 197” ; Can be sewn by mill up to 394

  • Put-up 300'

Fabrics Available


Style: 10254

10286-SG 86 Silver-Grey HDPE Woven Shade Fabric
10286-SG 86 Silver-Grey HDPE Woven Shade Fabric - 10x


Style: 10286

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