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Greenhouse Film

Polyfilm can lengthen the growing season for everyone from the backyard enthusiast to large scale commercial farm owners. Plants grown under poly film are protected from the elements. Polyfilm on a green house is proven to improve growth compared to glass alone.   

Polyfilm is composed of polyethylene blown to the desired thickness with additives selected to meet specific growing needs. Whether you're building a hoop house or lining a greenhouse, we have a polyfilm to meet your needs.   Acadian polyfilm is third party tested to ensure the product is delivered as promised.  


  • Addresses regional light conditions with custom UV additive levels

  • Protects plants/produce from heavy rains and winds

  • Support relocation of plants from outside to enclosed greenhouse with anti-drip and IR additives

  • Infrared additive reduces greenhouse heating losses

  • Anti-drip additive prevents water from coalescing on the film in the greenhouse

  • Anti dust additive keeps even diffusion around hoop house, prevented by dust / dirt buildup

  • Widths available: Master rolls or Pre-cut rolls starting from 6'

  • Lengths available: Master rolls or Pre-cut rolls starting from 100'

  • Available in Clear, Opaque, Panda (black / white)

  • 1-5 year UV degradation warranty depending on film thickness, customizable. See specs.

  • EVA included in all film for elasticity and strength


Picture of nursery covered with greenhouse fabric

"Acadian is a key supplier into my nursery customer base. Their knitted shade is a quality product and an excellent value. I have customers across the country that rely on it for its high quality and consistent long life. Acadian is great to work with. They are responsive, and always willing to help work through the challenges of closing business in this very competitive market​"

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