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Pool Cover

Woven calendered, PP in various colors and widths for pools and even truck covers.

Next day shipment available of raw materials used to manufacture pool covers, traditional and high strength safety covers. They can be used as protection devices to keep wandering children and pets away from the pool. Properly installed safety covers can withstand the weight of a human, preventing unforeseen accidents.​


Pool safety covers

Cold/harsh winter truck cover

  • Secures and protects pool environments when the pool is not in use​

  • Prevents debris from building up in pool​

  • Allows sun to warm pool water and keep it warm​

  • Extends the life of pool liners by reducing UV exposure

  • 61″ and 73″ widths​

  • 200 linear yard put-up​

  • Standard green/black with other various colors available​

  • 5-year prorated warranty (when used as a pool cover)

Fabrics Available


Style: 10290-GR


Style: 10290-BE

“Having been a long time Acadian customer, I can say without hesitation they are great to work with. They have excellent products, readily available stock, and are extremely responsive and professional.” 


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