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Greenhouse Curtain Fabric

Clear fabric designed to perform like poly film covered glass but in a flexible curtain; reducing costs of greenhouse operations.  This woven and laminated polypropylene is designed and manufactured for use in the daily opening of greenhouse side walls.  The fabric supports light diffusion and transmission, both key for plant photosynthesis and consistent plant growth throughout the greenhouse. If your greenhouse only needs curtains part of the year, this fabric can be washed and put away for the next season. Unreinforced edges allow for customization to fit specific roller systems. ​

  • Tear and puncture resistant​

  • Flexibility of fabric allows rolling, thus lowering cooling costs​

  • Protects plants from hail or hard rain​

  • 3-year UV Warranty

  • Weight: 4.13 ounces / yd2 (additional weights available upon request)​

  • Stock Roll Size:  18” x 1,500’​

  • Additional widths available upon request include 19”, 39”, 78”, 157” with welding available to reach wider widths and lengths​

  • Customization of fabric is available for plant specific needs including light transmission, light diffusion, shade, and UV

Fabrics Available

Greenhouse Curtain

Style: 18341-GH

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