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Rain Protection

Protect grapes or other delicate fruit and provide shade, by adding Acadian's woven polypropylene fabric to a free-standing structure. You won't need to worry about harsh conditions, this fabric is tested to withstand over 600 pounds of force.  Go ahead and use it with any manual or retractable shade house. The fabric assists in maintaining the ambient temperature inside a structure. ​

Polypropylene Rain Protection


  • Improves yield by:​

    • Protecting soft fruit from the elements

    • Minimizing water absorption, key for grapes on the vine

  • Cost effective solution for shade:  both shade and heavy duty rain/hail protection

  • Lasts multiple seasons:  if desired, can hose it down and roll it up

  • UV protected to provide years of use

  • 10' and 12' widths

  • 500-LY put-up (custom put-ups available upon request)

  • White color (75% shade factor)​

  • Other shade factors are available for custom orders

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

Consistent fruit quality

Replace shade cloth

Fabrics Available

“We have been working with Acadian since they first opened in 2002. Over the years, we have purchased shade cloth, tarp fabric, privacy fabric, and more. Through office and warehouse moves, ownership changes, and all of the challenges with each, Acadian has always been, and continues to be a great supplier.”


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