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Knitted Shade

Knitted HDPE in 30% to 80% mono-mono, 6' to 20' widths.

Our 100% monofilament knitted fabrics are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in a lock-stitch pattern which prevents unraveling in the event of a tear or a puncture. They can be installed straight off the roll, using “S” hooks, wire ties or hog rings without the need for fabrication and tape and grommets in many applications. ​

Sun shade


Sports netting

Protect crops from hail/birds

Debris netting

Privacy fabric

Containment netting

Truck cover

  • UV protected to provide years of use​

  • If the fabric is cut or punctured​ lock stitch construction prevents unraveling and fabric runs

  • Simplified installation – no binding tape and grommets required​

  • Same-day or next-day shipments

  • Lower inventory requirements

  • 30% to 70% shade factors​

  • 6’, 10’, 12’, 20’ widths​

  • Special sizing for 8ft in 50% shade factor

  • 100 linear yard put-up​

  • Black color

  • White in some styles​

  • Custom colors available upon request​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty​

Fabrics Available


Style: 16730


Style: 16740


Style: 16750

50% - White

Style: 16750-WH


Style: 16760


Style: 16770

70% - White

Style: 16770-WH


Style: 18280

“Acadian is a key supplier into my nursery customer base. Their knitted shade is a quality product and an excellent value. I have customers across the country that rely on it for its high quality and consistent long life. Acadian is great to work with. They are responsive, and always willing to help work through the challenges of closing business in this very competitive market."

Hort/Ag Sales Mgr

Nationwide Horticultural/Agricultural Supplier

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