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HDPE Woven Mono-Tape

HDPE Mono-Tape Screen

HDPE woven and reinforced to offer consistent coverage both for plants and industrial settings.   The colors like blue or green supports growth and flowering cycles of specific plants. The fabrics’ light weight and flexibility also make Woven HDPE a great fabric or for construction site or other areas needing barrier. The surface is perfect for advertising or safety messages.  Widely used during façade work to protect people who walk by while providing enough light and air for workers.   Available in shade factors and widths designed to meet the needs of most any site hoping to establish a perimeter or safety area with an attractive fabric.

Provide plants colored shade to support desired growth

Reduce dust in construction area 


Establish safety perimeter for ongoing construction or installation projects

Advertising surface around work zones or outside sporting events

  • Various shade levels to support different light or air flow requirements

  • Non-black options are attractive options for façade repairs

  • 86% shade has high air flow and puncture strength

  • UV warranty ensures fabric strength and color

  • Shade levels available: 44%, 54%, 64%, 78%, 86%

  • 118”, 157” and 197” widths available in 300 yard rolls

  • Factory sewing available to increase widths

  • Easy application of advertising or other messages

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Need a similar, more narrow product than this 86% shade offering, see our 
Privacy Screen Fabric.

Fabrics Available

Silver Grey 53%

Style: 10253 - SG


Style: 10286 - WH


Style: 10286 - CR


Style: 10286 - BR

Grass Green

Style: 10286 - GR

Dark Green

Style: 10286 - DG


Style: 10286 - BE

Silver Grey 86%

Style: 10286 - SG 

“We have been working with Acadian since they first opened in 2002. Over the years, we have purchased shade cloth, tarp fabric, privacy fabric, and more. Through office and warehouse moves, ownership changes, and all of the challenges with each, Acadian has always been, and continues to be a great supplier.” 


Southern Truck Cover and Custom Tarp Manufacturer 

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