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Multipurpose Shade Fabric - livestock

The importance of providing shade for livestock in the summer months is widely known, but did you know it can be equally important in the winter months?

Latest studies have shown that extreme cold and wind can also cause stress to livestock, thus increasing energy use and reducing calving success. One of the best ways to protect livestock is by providing shelter and/or wind break for them - especially in pastures that don't have naturally occurring shelters.

This article from the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources discusses various types of shelter and windbreak that can be constructed, some of which can be permanent and others can be temporary.

If a farmer doesn’t want to build a permanent structure or wall, a great alternative can be a frame with fabric attached that can be moved or taken down at the end of the season. Using fabric means it can be folded and stored when not in use, taking up less space, as opposed to taking down wooden planks or sheets of metal. The fabric can also provide a customization option for the farmer’s based upon their pasture and protection needs. For instance, one farmer may have a lot of wind and prefer a less porous fabric while a different farmer is okay with a more open fabric as they experience less wind extremes.

Ultimately, the end goal is protecting the livestock for longevity of the herd and better health throughout the year.

To learn more about Acadian’s multipurpose fabric, please view our presentation below.


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