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Protecting crops from adverse weather resulting in increase yields

One tough storm can devastate a crop leaving vines damaged, fruit crushed.  While insurance sometimes covers the losses, it's not the reward most farmers are looking for. In a recent article, a farmer near Lake Michigan discusses how he improved the dependability of crop by covering with netting and thereby protecting his crops.


Here is his story and then some options we have available to you.

Options available to deliver similar results:

  • PP rain cover: Designed for delicate fruit:  Blocks rain and hail while reducing

risk of sunburn

  • Bird / Hail netting: Crops safe from birds and major hail

    • For more details on our Bird/Hail Netting, Click Here

  • Knitted shade cloth of any shade level:

    • For more details on our Knitted Shade Cloth, Click Here


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