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Shade Effect on Plant Growth - Part 3 of 4

Aspects of plants we can support with the right kinds and right amounts of light


  • Anthocyanins: Type of flavonoid that is a pigment in fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves

    • What they do:

      • Responsible for red, purple and blue colors

      • Help plant adapt to environmental stressors such as drought, temperature changes and excess UV

      • Anti-oxidants

      • Anti-inflammatory

    • Anthocyanin Solar Energy Requirements:

      • Blue

      • UV


two red cherries

  • Carotenoids: A class of pigments that give color to specific plants, mainly yellow orange and red.  A kind of terpene.

    • What they do:

      • Act as anti-oxidants

      • Provide people with key nutrients like beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein,

      • Capture wider range of light that supports coloring and nutritional content of crops like carrots, tomatoes and even leafy greens

    • Carotenoid Solar Energy Requirements:

      • Blue /Green

      • Violet


  • Flavonoids: In vegetables and fruits supporting multiple activities including some that drive consumers to select some produce over others

    • What they do:

      • Develop colors that attract pollinators

      • Serve as anti-oxidants for plant and humans

      • Support development of protective measures against herbivores: bitter taste or toxicity

      • Provide plants UV protection

    • Flavonoid Solar Energy Requirements:

      • UV

      • Blue

      • Red

      • Far Red


  • Photoblastic: Seeds that require light to germinate

    • Solar Energy Requirements: Red and Far Red


  • Photoperiodic: Physical changes in plants connected with the length of day as indicated by hours of sun.  Can influence flowering behavior

    • Solar Energy Requirements Far Red


  • Photosynthesis:  the process plants (and some organisms) use to make their food.  It requires energy from sunlight being transformed into chemical energy by the inclusion of carbon dioxide and water.

    • Photosynthesis Solar Energy Requirements: Most plants, those containing chlorophyll ( Have green colors), rely heavily on:

      • Blue

      • Red

  • Terpenes: Produced in all plants and some animals

    • What they do: Contributes to production of plant scents that:

      • Attracts pollinators and deters herbivores

      • Attracts humans to the orange or cherries in the market

    • Light Requirements:

      • Blue

      • UV

      • Some Red and Green

two oranges


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