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Bird and Hail Netting: Crop Protection that Helps Crops Grow

Anti-Hail and Bird Netting can be a part of an Integrated Pest Management Program, providing protection from birds while not harming them. It also can have another added on.

A bird eating a grape

An article in ScienceDirect outlines benefits of bird/hail netting beyond the obvious, protection for fruit from birds and hail. Hail netting reduces damage to trees or vines from heavy hailstorms AND provides shade, helping to decrease the occurrence of bitter pit post-harvest and increase harvest size. A study by Washington State University, references the role that hail netting can play by providing shade and thereby achieving desired growth and quality for the desired harvest time. A separate study in Farm Progress specifies that a shade above 10% had the greatest impact on reducing sunburn occurrences in crops.

Acadian updated its bird/hail netting offering in 2023 to include a product new to the North American market. White High Density Polyethylene netting with central reinforcements and 15% shade come together in this offering to give growers protection from pests and weather with the added benefit of crops achieving desired colors and growth. The 9cm+ reinforced area around the perimeter and down the center (along points where cables or poles are placed to hold net in the air) strengthen the fabric where traditional netting could otherwise weaken. Both our original Leno (lock stich weave) and knitted HDPE fabrics provide crop protection without possibly harming animals while providing shade.


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