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Ground Cover & Rain Protection


UV stabilized polypropylene ground cover fabric is used by professional nurseries and landscapers in a variety of applications.  Provides a weed-free environment for plants while allowing water, nutrients, and liquid fertilizer to be absorbed through the fabric. Pot-bound plants cannot grow through the fabric and become implanted in the soil. 

  • Prevents weeds without harmful chemicals​

  • Conserves water in arid environments​

  • Drains easily to reduce puddling in wet environments​

  • UV protected to provide years of use

  • 10’, 12’, and 15’ widths​

  • 2.65 oz/yd² or 3.2 oz/yd² weights available in all widths

  • 100 linear year put-up​

  • 3', 4', 6' widths available on order

  • Black or White available 

  • Lines for plant spacing every 12"

Fabrics Available


Acadian’s woven polypropylene fabric is applied to free-standing shade structures for several months depending on the geographical location. It can be laid directly over a shade fabric panel on an established shade structure or used on its own. Fabric is applicable for any manual or retractable shade house and will also fit over any size Quonset structure. The fabric assists in maintaining the ambient temperature inside a structure as well as offers rain protection.​


Improves yield by:​

  • Reducing damage from cold temperatures​

  • Protecting vineyard, cherries or other fruit from the elements

  • Minimizing water absorption (in particular with cherries)​

  • Cost effective solution for large shade structures​

  • Woven polypropylene is more durable than most non-woven fabrics​

  • UV protected to provide years of use

  • 10’ and 12’ widths​

  • 500 linear yard put-up​

  • Opaque color (75% shade factor)​

  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

Fabrics Available

“We have been working with Acadian since they first opened in 2002. Over the years, we have purchased shade cloth, tarp fabric, privacy fabric, and more. Through office and warehouse moves, ownership changes, and all of the challenges with each, Acadian has always been, and continues to be a great supplier.”


Southern Truck Cover and Custom Tarp Manufacturer

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