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Benefits of Ground Cover

Quality woven polypropylene delivers utility from weed prevention to row covering. This easy to use, cost effective fabric is used by growers on large fields, in small nurseries and in landscaping projects. Most commonly, ground cover fabric is used for: weed prevention with its utility expanding to include, erosion control, water retention, planting guide, and even temperature control of the soil.

Water lines can be placed on top or below fabric placed on the ground. If lines are placed below, the fabric can protect the line from animals or from the curious. When used as a row cover, plants are protected from heavy rain while receiving benefits of natural water.

Ground cover fabric also reduces the use of pesticides on plants. Unlike insect netting fabric, ground cover fabric can be laid on the ground, thereby reducing, and even preventing, pests from infesting a crop.

Fruit and berry crops greatly benefit from a ground cover fabric. According to a study from the University of Minnesota, “…landscaping fabric under plants to prevent flies from growing in the fruit that falls to the ground. This practice also makes weed management and the removal of fallen and rotting fruit easier for fruit orchards.” The fabric separates wet ground from leaves and debris that falls around the plant, keeping the debris dryer and less likely to start rotting. Rotting fruit and debris can attract insects that then find a home within the crop, potentially destroying a portion of the crop. With the easier removal of debris and fallen fruit, growers can better manage their crops, providing a higher yield.

Ground cover fabric is beneficial to growers and landscapers; it’s important to choose a high-quality fabric that will last multiple seasons. One easy check on a sample, do the ends fray easily? If they do, it may not be a great multi-season product. Acadian’s woven polypropylene ground cover fabric is strong, durable, as well as UV-stabilized, meaning it will last multiple growing seasons, bringing the most value to the users. For additional information, view the Ground Cover Product Guide.


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